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In Arizona, the term “Domestic Violence” is used to define the relationship between the defendant and the victim in a dispute. Domestic Violence can describe a wide variety of relationships, including (but not limited to) romantic or sexual partners, family members, and roommates. Specific examples of relationships contemplated by the Domestic Violence statutes are:

  1. Marriage or former marriage;
  2. Residents or former residents of the same household;
  3. Child in common;
  4. Common pregnancy;
  5. Blood relationship or court-ordered relationship to the defendant or the defendant’s spouse (in-laws and “step” relationships included); and
  6. Current or former romantic or sexual relationship

Domestic Violence is often associated with disorderly conduct, assault, and criminal damage charges. A domestic violence conviction comes with a domestic violence offender treatment program requirement. Additionally, convictions will result in the loss of the right to bear arms. Domestic violence convictions are more severe for repeat offenders.  

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